Hi! My name is Echo.  I am an 18 month old golden/lab mix who was in training to be a seizure alert service dog.  Unfortunately, my trainer didn't notice a mass on my right side until I started walking funny.  My first vet misdiagnosed me, and I got worse.

Then Dr. Cynthia Florek found me!  She did a biopsy and discovered I had cancer...a grade 1 spindle cell sarcoma.  My tumor was now the size of a cantaloupe!  I had to leave the service dog program, and my future was very uncertain.  But Dr. Cynthia was determined to give me a chance...so she adopted me!  Yea!  She did my surgery last week, and I am healing well.  Then we consulted with the oncologist (cancer specialist).

The specialist said that my tumor would come back within 18 months without further treatment, and I wouldn't see my 3rd birthday....

but with radiation therapy I have a 99% chance of being cured!

My new mom and the cancer specialist in Denver can start my treatments on Monday July 6th, but they will cost $5,000!! (I think I'm worth it!)  There will be additional costs of medications and bandages and transport, etc. that "Dr. Mom" will cover on her own, but we need help!

Anything you can do to help will be appreciated beyond measure.  Every dollar donated adds up!  All support keeps us positive!  Thank you!! Thank you!!

​I do have an account set up on GoFundMe....        gofundme.com/save-echo-the-dog 

Kritter Karavan