This is Andrew.  He is a Jacksons chameleon.  He was owner surrendered at the Humane Society.  He needs a screen cage with a mist system!....(and he now has one!!)


     We hope to diminish the numbers of mistreated, unwanted, and abandoned animals by education and limited rescue ourselves.  

     We do presentations at schools, libraries, charitable events, home school groups, and birthday parties, etc.

     Most of our animals have come to us because they needed a “forever home”, and we want to help!  They have come to us through many different avenues, such as  The Humane Society,  veterinarians, CraigsList, and word-of-mouth.  

     The care of these “kritters” is quite costly, but we are committed to provide appropriate habitats, food, medical treatments, proper carriers for presentations, etc.!  If you would like to us!

Kathy Beers

Executive Director



Kritter Karavan